Hello, my name’s Roy and I was born and brought up in Liverpool UK. After discovering hills and adventure on trips into nearby North Wales, I moved to the Scottish Highlands with its abundance of knobbly mountains. That’s where I met Justi and eventually we moved to Slovenia with its even bigger knobbly Julian Alps.

After living in Slovenia for sixteen wonderful years we moved to Ireland where we have now lived for sixteen months. Ireland’s hills are slightly less knobblier but still provide plenty of adventure with their often remote locations and trackless ascents.

On the whole, It’s been surprisingly easy to adjust to our new home and I believe that’s mainly down to the friendly nature and welcome we have received from the local people.

I miss many things about Slovenia, not least the hot summers and the deep snow of Alpine winters, but even the wet Irish climate has its plus side. Our first view on our first morning here in Ireland was of a rainbow and a fox standing on our garden wall picking berries from a dripping wet Rowan tree.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of our past experiences and ongoing adventures with you through this blog.


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