Roy Clark

Roy’s first memoir, “The Sunny Side of the Alps: from Scotland to Slovenia on a Shoestring”, is now available!

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Tired of soggy Scottish summers and irritating midges, Roy and Justi seize the day and leave the Scottish Highlands for Slovenia with a car full of their belongings, their border collie and the dream of a new life. The trouble is, they have little money, vague prospects and have never been to Slovenia.

Adventures and near-death experiences await them in the hot summers and snowy winters of the Julian Alps, but will their passion for the great outdoors be enough to transform their dream into a practical reality?

“The Sunny Side of the Alps” is Roy’s first book of these adventures.



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Roy Clark

The Sunny Side of the Alps book jacket

The Sunny Side of the Alps

The first book of adventures in moving from Scotland to Slovenia.

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Cicerone Walking Guides

Walking and trekking guides to Slovenia which Roy has written or to which he has contributed.

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The Sunny Side of Roy

More about Roy, and how the arrived where he is.

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As well as being an author, Roy is an accomplished photographer, specialising in landscapes.

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